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Iowa City: Little town, big on writing

The University of Iowa’s longtime renown and excellence in creative writing contribute to city’s international reputation as a writer’s haven.


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The First and Best Home for Writers

The First and Best Home for Writers is a multimedia overview that focuses on several writing students with a range of backgrounds and disciplines.


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Writing Across Disciplines

Iowa’s unmatched writing-related resources prepare its graduates for success in many fields.


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News Highlights

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Featured Archive: 'Time and Distance Overcome' by Eula Biss, from The Iowa Review, 2008

"Of what use is such an invention?" The New York World asked shortly after Alexander Graham Bell first demonstrated his telephone in 1876. The world was not waiting for the telephone."
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5Q Interview: Tzveta Sofronieva, IWP Resident

"There are days when I work the whole day because my text demands it. Then fellow writers supply me with a drink or a bagel late at night."
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5Q Interview: Li Kotomi 李琴峰, IWP Resident

I believe the most important thing to do during the residency is to explore the city and the culture here, and meanwhile, to communicate with those writers from all over the world.