Thursday, October 13, 2022

From the Iowa Prison Writing Project


Your letter by James Schmidt


The chilled envelope tis slowly torn open

Soon thy warm fingers crest the paper

The paper moans as it’s unfolded quickly

Thy brown eyes follow your words written in pencil

Tis as if thy eyes tis dancing with your words

The letter tis half gone

Thy eyes tis focused on the way you write the letter M

Thy mind tis focused on the way you write the letter S

With every passing letter I wonder

What twas on your mind

Twas it truly on me

Twas it on something else

Thy eyes stop on the letter g and its tail

Twas you frustrated at this moment

Your gentle letter tis vanishing like fog

Thy mind tis filled with desire for more

The last sentence tis leaving thy eyes

The letter tis come to its end

Thy eyes fixed on your lovely name

A tear escapes its cage

The paper moans as it’s fold up

Under protest the letter slices into thy flesh

The letter tis put back into its chilled envelope

Thy finger tips crave your next letter

Thy mind wanders about

Thy eyes cry out for more

Thy eyes cry out to see your face…