Friday, September 23, 2022

From the Prison Writing Project


He Never Cried

Nine long months passed by,

He’s finally coming today you see,

Grab the bag and rush to the hospital,

Push and breathe for our new baby,

We’re about to become mommy and daddy,

So exciting to finally be here,

So much joy and so much peace,

We have no reason for any fear,

They take us into a room,

They hook you up to a monitor,

They cannot find his heartbeat,

Doctors and nurses rush through the door

They take you both away,

I put on a gown and a cap,

I step into a very bright room,

He is out still and so blue and they wrap

A blanket all around him for you to hold,

You cannot stop your crying,

My mind plummets and crashes all around me,

This isn’t happening I’m denying,

The reality crashes hard and I’m forced to see,

I must be dreaming a nightmare,

I cannot understand what is going on,

You sob and rock him gently,

And you sing a mourning song,

 This cannot be real can it,

Has my son really just died,

Everything is spinning I cannot breathe,

I mutter silently, He Never Cried.