Saturday, August 7, 2021
Photo of a purple heart-shaped leaf.


When I think of you, I see your glowing, beautiful face.
Burning a hole through my soul with your eyes, your hands on your waist.

If this vision had words to speak, I’d imagine all the words spoken to me.

Creating waves of heat from my head to my feet. 

I know your name well; it roams throughout my consciousness. 
Unlimited thoughts of you inside my mind; you are constant.

Much too shy to explain the things I ponder.

So excuse me if my voice sounds nervous and bothered.

How timid can one man truly be or get?
Look the word up, by all means, and you’ll see my face right next to it.

Boundaries are a thin line that I have been tempted to cross.

But then I realize my alter-ego’s talking because that’s not me at all.

I see myself shaking uncontrollably, even when I think of your presence.
And would do anything to be the one who comes to your rescue, without question. 

No fear nor doubt in my mind would ever come in that exact moment.

Just me, saving you, from any thing or person. 

Call my name, and my knees just might buckle. 
The sound of your voice is the cause of my stumble. 

Straightening my strut, I fix my lost composure. 

And follow the steps of my heart as it lures me closer. 

I feel the tips of my shoes dragging, no longer walking, yet floating. 
Both eyes rolling with only the whites of my eyes showing. 

Possessed? No, more like a spell casted.

Broken internally, mentally unfastened.

Vulnerable but longing for thee her. 
Who has only existed in mixes of twisted blur.

Hurricanes of hail and misty, foggy storms. 

Are what prevent me from having a real relationship formed.

There’s always something in the way; that something never fails. 
Nor does it ever seem to amaze me when my love is derailed. 

You keep me engaged, though you speak volumes in silence.

I would feel much better if you spoke to me in private. 

Impartial, in full, and the point, like time is never enough. 
Galactic minutes and eternal seconds that pass by and can’t be made up.

Your views on life are therapeutic to the mind of a dreamer.

Your truth is liquid gold that lies on the eyes of a new believer.

Lost is an understatement, more like incomplete without you.
For your approval, I’ll do anything that I’m allowed to.

BOOM-BOOM, BOOM-BOOM, the pounding of a fierce pulse.

Coming from the heart of flames inside of me, that’s fully engulfed.

What do I do about how I feel?
And am I completely an imbecile for thinking it’s real?

You say hello, I speak a book’s worth. 

Saying everything but topics in my journal, my book’s dirt.

I put on a smile so that I don’t look hurt.

Because deep down, I know you would prevent me from letting you be put first. 

Awkward moments seem to last my entire life’s line.
Thinking all the while “that was such a stupid line.”

But I tried it, and something in you made you giggle.

I guess it doesn’t hurt to open up and try a little.

Intimidated by failure and rejection is just the beginning.
But I’d rather know, than not know, when the clocks not ticking. 

Am I out of time or just in time? Confused or delusional?

Am I crazy to call you mine in my own mind? Or just Typical & Unusual.