Saturday, August 7, 2021
Painting of large red person with a key heading to open a small blue door.
Artwork by Olivia Parkes


Thy brown eyes ’tis gone wide with excitement
Your warm letter ’tis in thy cold hands

Thy eyes fixated on your intoxicating words

Side to side they go as if in a dance

Soaking in every detail you express

With every sentence thy eyes go down slowly

Many a words resume in thy mind

At will thy feet pace the floor

Thy mind ’tis fallen on you

As you write ’tis it your left hand that moves gracefully

As you write where does your words come from

Do they come from your beautiful mind or your loving heart

The letter ’tis vanishing only a few words ’tis remaining

A tear crests thy right eye ready to flee

Thy eyes wonder when they shall see yours

Thy mind ’tis stomping about the letter ’tis over

The last word thy eyes soak in ’tis your name

Thy mind focuses on the small heart

For a many hours thy mind wonders

Shall thy caged heart open to you . . .