Sunday, August 8, 2021
Reflection of industrial buildings in a pond.
Photo by Anna Zalevskaya

It’s hard to stay in touch with my inner dreams,

And block out the voices and horrifying screams.

Echoing in my mind telling me to escape,

To a world where everyone and everything is fake.

Including feelings and the dreams I chased,
Having memories of years gone to waste.

Bottled up feelings, and blocking out pain,

Noticing sunshine, ignoring the rain.

Fooled into believing things are just fine,
And everyone’s lives as carefree as mine.

Even the pain gets bottled up inside,

Slowly eating at my morals and pride.

Seeing what I’m doing and the need for change,
Yet stopping can be both scary and strange.

Knowing it’s for the best, it needs to be done.

Life’s more than parties and having fun.

My future meant nothing, I lived for each day,
Rebelling against my family, and what they’d say.

Thinking I knew it all and that I was cool,

Now looking at the past is the life of a fool.

I’m not proud of the road I took,
The lesson I’ve learned is not in a book.

Now that I’m older, I still hear that voice,

Difference is that I’ve made my choice.

I lost all control, keep one thing in mind,
The direction I took, you’d swear I was blind.

Leading to nowhere, I’ve learned firsthand,

That the direction I traveled is not what I planned.