Sunday, August 8, 2021
Black and white photo of many skateboarding in a city.
Photo by Anna Zalevskaya


I’ve been in for half my life
Family has written asking, Why?

No words will bring peace of mind

Wish I could ease your pain

If I say anything it will fall shy

Nothing can fix this

I know this . . .

I don’t expect a pardon

A parole or a bargain

I’m focused on me as a person

To be a better human, man, and student

The Universe is still teaching me lessons

Perhaps because I’m still asking questions

Dear Someone, Anyone . . .
I know people are awake

I know the world is not as fake

As it seems when I take a glance

They want to bring back

The Death Penalty in this part of the land

Is that Justice, Senator?

This is a Direct Message

In case they start killing us 

They’ve packed the building

I guess we’re too visible


A stat of the system