Saturday, August 7, 2021
Photo of one-story storage units that have been snowed in due to plowing; a rural, snowy landscape rises above to a blue sky.
Photo by Anna Zalevskaya
  • Who ate the chocolate cake
  • Who needs a nap
  • Who got in the piggy bank
  • Who needs a bath
  • Who keeps jumping on the bed
  • Who is screaming
  • Who colored the walls
  • Who can not keep their hands off each other
  • Who left the TV on
  • Who keeps running in the house
  • Who clogged the toilet
  • Who spilt the milk
  • Who walked through the house with muddy shoes on
  • Who broke the window
  • Who is bleeding
  • Who drank the last pop
  • Who left the light on
  • Who ate the chips and put the empty bag back
  • Who needs help with their homework
  • Who is home to see you grow up