Saturday, August 7, 2021
Black and white photo of mother holding baby's foot.
Photo by fabio trifoni


So many people forget the importance of just how important mothers are,

Not many think of the painful moments to the hospital, inside of the car,

Pre-birth during labor, minutes seem like hours within mere seconds, 

Then the final push leaves an entire room breathless.

Here it is!!! That seed that sprouted in your belly,

You now hold that precious baby that kicked, punched, and left swelling,

Growing together, using every bit of knowledge you know,

To give precautionary methods and stories about the long and wrong roads.

God made you a mother for a reason because he was more than sure,

That this specific woman had a heart that was far beyond just pure,

Loving and caring for your baby bear cub, 

Cleaning behind both the ears, between all toes, then rinsing and drying the suds.

Admiring you is a part of life and is most prominent with your offspring,

Motivation and determination is the exact answer as to how you got things,

No one person is perfect in all ways besides being perfectly you, 

Your bravery, will, drive, love, and persistence is equivalent to what all great mothers produce.