Saturday, August 7, 2021
Photo of a semi driving on a highway at dusk.
Photo by Anna Zalevskaya

Invisible chains shackle hearts and minds.
Emotionally alone not realizing what’s beyond,

We’re all colorblind.

Living in our past, in one’s abandoned building.

Renovate, clean up, it’s time for emotional healing.

With shame, comes pain, immediate feeling.

Raise up, chest out, chin up, nose straight to the ceiling.

Born, breed, planted, grown from a seed.

Sprout, spread, . . . , our fields of dreams.

One’s sentence may feel like an endless 

road full of file after file.

Stop, think, restrain, it’s our life, we’re the ones 

adding those frequent miles.

Fixing, patching, trying to recover from what we 

have broken is almost impossible.

The secret to finding yourself is slowing it down, start over,

it’s much more plausible.

Making every day, every minute, every second counts.

Finding knowledge is learning, sometimes lost but now found.