Sunday, August 8, 2021
Digital artwork with abstraction of the globe with red and green squiggly lines.
Artwork by Samuel Gonzalez Gilmore

Shh, I’m going to break the silence; it’s too deafening . . .

With all this transparency in heresy and no honor among thieves,

Why can’t we take example from trees 

Who let go in confidence that the snow will blanket its leaves.

Nature’s dependency is upon one another.

So why can’t we the human race unite and unify one another?

The answer is so simple—greed!

But our wind still blows so the ground can pick up its seeds.

Then our sun and plants engage in a dance to produce oxygen so you can breathe.

Shh, but why? This is something even a simpleton knew.

The study of a bird’s biology is how the Wright brothers and Ms. Amelia Earhart first flew.

Our bald Eagles are a representation of free-dumb, is then poached like we don't need them.

Yet, still soars confidently above, never recognizing U.S. a sin-trifugal force seems to keep people stuck.

Spend and acquire. 

Spend and acquire.

Churches have collection, but now I’m preaching to the choir.

I won’t stop until my point and pictures captured.

Bowing trees and lost habitat just to reach a higher monetary stature.

“We The People” are the evil creators to all this disaster.

It’s my sincere hope to open one’s mind into being open-minded, then to realizing that we dictate the state of our own delusion.

Conclusion, we take responsibility for creating this monster we call pollution.

As is also my hope that this will bring notice and take precedence.

Being brought forth before law-makers and presidents, so they too

Can humbly look in the mirror and ask this one question,

What happens to my children’s children when my reflection to society is our true villain?