Sunday, August 8, 2021
Photo of a white square on a painted brick building.
Photo by Timmy Straw

My friend, you have been un-reasonably misled by
the underfed intellect of our de-lustrious walking dead,

with their limitless witlessness they divest nothing

of note while ingesting ignorance by fistfuls,

by rote, I proclaim these earthly monstrosities 

to be my, if not sworn, then born, eternal enemies.

As I watch the increase in their treacheries, reaching

out to me, begging to be the cause of, some effect.

Should they fail to neglect their always stationary

position in life in which they object, to liberty.

I shall grant them the complacency so hungrily

devoured as my self-righteous pride is empowered

and their ritualized self-immolation sends smoke

signals to the blind, deaf, and mute who gather 

in crowds to parrot their oppressors’

promise of “Hands up, don’t shoot.”

I sit comfortably on the sidelines of yet another

one of mankind’s generational dysfunctions, our

infamous integration policy assumptions which forever

flow in one direction.

Along a path ripping wide the family heart and soul

to the everpresent, government funded, house of