Saturday, August 7, 2021
Reflection of sunset over calm water out to horizon line and up into the clouds.

On a warm summer day, a young boy about the age of six or seven went on a camping trip with his family. The boy was excited and anxious about his first time camping. The youngin was especially eager about getting up early and spending time fishing with his dad. The little guy was coached how to bait the hook, but he was uneasy about hurting the worms. So instead of hurting the worms, they used plastic jigs. Whenever the boy caught a fish, he was ecstatic and was very careful not to hurt the fish when taking the hook out. When putting the fish back in the lake, the dad showed him how to be gentle and splash his hand in the water to scare the fish, making sure it was well enough to swim away. That day, the boy was well-educated on how to catch and release when he went fishing. Later that afternoon, when the fish stopped biting, the boy and dad went back to camp, and the family decided to go swimming. The loved ones went swimming when suddenly the boy began splashing frantically back to his father. With a long face, very confused, the son asked, “Dad, if I pee in the lake will the fish die?” Laughing at the innocence of the question, the dad said, “no” with a chuckle and a grin. The dad sat down, replaying the day over and over again in his head, he wished that his own dad had taken the time to teach him the same lessons of empathy, snippets of eternity that get us through hard time. Then maybe he wouldn’t be dwelling on what happened so many years ago, as he escapes from his 10x10 cell—still wondering.