Saturday, August 7, 2021
Photo of a plant's shadow with part of the plant visible on the right.
Photo by Anna Zalevskaya


Waking up in prison, beyond prison in one’s mind feeling trapped.
Cuffed, confused, shackled, held back and ready to snap,

Painted masks represent personality and ego putting up a fight.

Argument in change is many layers of protection built over many a night.

Manipulation becomes the easiest tool from birth frequently used right.

Putting our loved ones in a state of emergency, we just might.

Slowly losing everything from our choices we make through life.

Gripping tight to belongings of what’s left, keeping us warm at night.

Substance abuse and drowning our worries away.

Avoiding pain, loss, and hurt, seems like the easiest escape from today.

Everything led up ’til today hasn’t got us very far.

Trying something new, not looking back through the rearview,

Matter of fact let’s abandon that old beat down car.

Accepting our past choices, learning, growing, let’s move on.

Building a foundation stronger, no time to prolong.

Releasing our extra baggage, relieves pressure, it’s helped.

Breaking many layers of ego to reach our more positive inner self.

Life’s not easy, you must feel the hurt and embrace the pain.

Dodging curve balls, our life only prolongs our fame.

Accomplish one step, one goal at a time, soon you will be free

Helping, guiding others, proud, finally seeing the true me.

Learning, loving, and living equals happiness as you will come to know.

Integrity, intensity, and intimacy is how we carry it out 

And climb out of the box and grave whole.

Challenging one’s mind is success all in it’s own,

Longevity of happiness will be our future and not just a story untold.