Friday, November 13, 2020


At the University of Iowa, we love our writers, our programs, we love our graduates and our students -- and we love the wealth of literature that they gift us, simply by being part of our community.

We have created "5 Reads for Friday" as an easy, laid-back series, compiling a short list of inspirational, helpful and fun treasures from our family to yours. Enjoy what you find, take what you need, and be well.


  • From the Iowa Review archives: Miasma, Sam Sax, 2016

    "of course when the plague came / those who could / left the city // the wealthy"

  • From the International Writing Program: Free Online Course: "Creative Writing, Disability Awareness and Inclusion"

    "The 2nd session in IWP's free creative writing course on disability awareness & inclusion is available, with MelodyMoezzi, an Iranian-American Muslim author, attorney, activist! Watch on your own schedule, captioned in Arabic & English"

  •  From the Iowa Summer Writing Festival: New Online Workshops announced in Flash Fiction and Poetry!

    The Iowa Summer Writing Festival will begin offering online workshops across the genres for writers at all levels, with registration open now!

  • From the University of Iowa Press: 5Q Interview with UI Press author Jennifer Burek Pierce

    "I look at Nerdfighteria -- the people who watch Vlogbrothers videos and read novels by John Green, and his brother Hank -- as a community of readers.  It's both an exploration of this collegial, story-centered community and an argument that reading remains vital amid the prevalence of social media, rather than being threatened by it." 

  • From our Online Writing Courses: Fiction and Inclusion

    This MOOC-Pack focuses on writing with imagination and craft that pushes the boundaries beyond standard styles of thinking and writing.



And that's it!
We hope you enjoy. And check back each week for a new list.