Monday, August 3, 2020



Mach Schau!



Mach Schau! says the German talent agent
Make show! or we’ll turn out the lights
Mach Schau! play accordion like a Cajun
Make show! make the music explode
Dance while you play, if it’s appealing
Growl at the moon, late into the night
Let the audience in on what you’re feeling
Force them to crawl ‘neath the tables and sigh
Mach Schau! or you’ll make no living
Make show! right here in the now
Mach Schau! hunger is unforgiving
Make show! make for the border & bow
Illuminate the hearts of those before you
Discriminate as little as you possibly can
Titillate with your hips, hands and eyebrows
Communicate the lie of your little black hear
Mach Schau! make it hard
Make show! let everyone see
Mach Schau! just like the bard
Make show! let the fool run free
Ballet dancers and rockabilly singers
manage to plug the zeitgeist in
Classical pianists and subway buskers
sell their souls for solid gold sin
to please an audience, that cruel beast
who know nothing of the pain
of being forced to mach schau;
then leave in the dark,
. . . on the midnight train.