Monday, August 3, 2020



Bless the Junkie



He is something in here
but nothing out there
His self-worth is measured in acceptance
out there a solitary soul gives his life meaning
coming to see his progress,
he vows he will not fail her.
The others have given up on his vacant promises
they have traveled down the path he digs frequently
they know the way so well
but why doesn’t he?

His deceit is unending,
unnerving when perceived
his motivation for self is immeasurable
he chooses those with whom he will fill his time,
their value must be of great perceived social worth,
but he will not totally discard the least
for no one knows where a person is heading
or what standing he will achieve

Do not be fooled
he is great in knowledge
stupid is not an accurate descriptor
He can carry on with one and all
to the deepest of topics diverse,
he has learned the lesson well
that the lie must be authentic for it to make purchase.
information serves all
whether in truth or falsehood

in knowing him you soon find
others are not the only victim to his false life
or the most taken in by it all
the most oblivious of the truth,
of what he is,
is he himself