Tuesday, June 9, 2020



Remembrance of Regret

LaKeisha H., Nevada


                    There came a point when
                           the chains of hardship
                     fell from me like frozen snow
                           Melting from a glacier.
        the remembrance of regret remained.
                   There is something about
        the combination of guilt and bondage,
                   when put together,
        the two are a recipe for hate.
                   Oh, how thou longeth
                            for thine burden to end.
        Regret viles through my stomach
                   like gut-wrenching sulfur.
                           Oh God,
        how does one overcome
                  the somber of regret?
        I bare wounds I am sure
                  time will never heal.
        Yet, time heals all things.
                  Is he or she
         any less guilty
than those they prosecute?
         Shall as I may
I rise to adjourn