Friday, April 17, 2020

The Writing University is asking the many creative writing programs on campus to come up with simple, easy lists of reading suggestions from their programs, in order to showcase the wealth of incredible writers we have here - alumni, current students, faculty and more!

Today's list is from the Nonfiction Writing Program. It includes fantastic work by NWP alumni and current writers from the program. All of them are great, you can read all of them!


Kristen Radke, Imagine Wanting Only This

Lina Ferriera, Don't Come Back

Cutter Wood, Love and Death in the Sunshine State

Kerry Howley, Thrown

Jose Orduna, The Weight of Shadows

Jen Percy, Demon Camp

Elena Passarello, Animals Strike Curious Poses

Lucas Mann, Class A

T. Fleischmann, Syzygy, Beauty

Andre Perry, Some of Us Are Very Hungry Now




We hope you enjoy! And check back for more lists from other writing programs at the University of Iowa.