Friday, April 17, 2020

Hello there!

There is so much to do (and not do) these days, and our collective bandwidths are being strained in enormous ways. At the University of Iowa, we love our writers, our programs, we love our graduates and our students -- and we love the wealth of literature that they gift us, simply by being here.

We have created "5 Reads for Friday" as an easy, laid-back series, compiling a short list of inspirational, helpful and fun treasures from our family to yours. Enjoy what you find, take what you need, and be well.


Friday, April 17, 2020


  • Hey Iowa, What Should I Read?: We've got you! What Should I Read? (Nonfiction Writing Program Edition)

    Fantastic work by from NWP alumni, faculty and current students, including Kristen Radke, Kerry Howley, Andre Perry, Cutter Wood and more

  • From our Free Online Courses: Power of the Pen - Identities and Social Issues in Fiction and Nonfiction

    Centered on the exploration of individual, community, and global identities—as well as the effect of social issues on those identities—this MOOC-Pack offers a progressive study through the principles of fiction and nonfiction, including short- and long-form fiction, literary journalism, the memoir essay, and the personal essay.

  • From the Iowa Review: Christopher Merrill, From the Workshop to War: An Interview with Janine di Giovanni

    "I just survived it, but you had to have a routine and a schedule, as boring as it is."

  • From the University of Iowa Press: Just Checking in, with authors Kendra Allen and Diarmuir Hester

    Two University of Iowa Press authors share their quarantine routines, writing tips, book suggestions and playlists this week!


  • Iowa Long Reads: A New Issue of the 91st Meridian on "The Situation" is live

    A new issue of the 91st Meridian is out from the International Writing Program w/ work by Tade IPADEOLA (Nigeria), Hanaa HIJAZI  (Saudi Arabia/Canada), Dragica RAJCIC´ HOLZNER (Austria/Switzerland/Croatia), PARK Chansoon (South Korea), Batsirai CHIGAMA (Zimbabwe), Jeremy TIANG (Singapore/UK/US), Vladimir POLEGANOV (Bulgaria), Roy Chicky ARAD (Israel), Rumena BUZAROVSKA (North Macedonia), Kyoko YOSHIDA (Japan) and Yamkela TYWAKADI (South Africa).


And that's it!
We hope you enjoy. And check back each week for a new list!



Photos by Kimberly Farmer on Unsplash, and Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash