Monday, March 25, 2019

Apologies ROBERT L. N., IOWA

These are my apologies Momma, I know you hate me being locked up, Playing father to me growing up sometimes I didn’t bother, Even listening to you because I felt you had your problems, Barely stepping out of prison yourself for chasing commas, So I had to chase them too, I didn’t mean to break the rules, Hate the view of seeing you struggle putting your babies through, As the man of the house I had to make a move, And take it to a level of grinding I want to thank you too. You showed me how to stand tall through any battle, Taught me that the flawless roads all started off with gravel, Taught me how playing the block can lead into a tackle, Sad to say I didn’t listen until the judges banged the gavel. Now I apologize for all the times I had to watch you cry, And all the times I didn’t call you when you crossed my mind, To say “I love you, thank you Momma now I realize, It’s real, like the love you’ve been showing me throughout my whole Life.” You sacrificed more than many, Can’t many say they sacrificed any, You’ve been my queen and my angel since the beginning, Always holding me accountable showed me what discipline is, I thank You plenty. You gave me wisdom taught me how to handle business, Paid attention to my grades one of the reasons that I finished, You schooled me on these ladies taught me how to manage feelings, I thank you Momma on why I cater to these women. You’re the reason I call my daughter Princess, Honesty that’s part of me, you taught me how to live with, A loyal heart of stone, Momma my one and only wish is, You accept my apology because I’m asking for forgiveness. I love you Momma.