Tuesday, January 22, 2019

With LitCity Lore, we periodically feature a story from our new LitCity website, which maps unique Iowa City literary stories to the locations where writers lived, worked, gave readings, socialized and were inspired by the town.

This week we are highlighting poet Alice Notley’s Master Thesis in the University of Iowa Library.

Notley’s unpublished 1970 thesis, held in Special Collections, provides us with insights about Notley’s experience in Iowa City.

The thesis, titled “Poems & Stories,” consists of work that Notley wrote while in the workshop. 

The first poem in the collection [“courage is the only root of beauty”] provides a window into her emerging style, and a wry piece about Iowa City mentions the Colonial Inn in neighboring Coralville.

Take a peek at the first poem and learn more about Notley’s time in Iowa City here.

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